General terms and conditions

The present document contains the general conditions according to which POLINA SABEVA, LTD, unique identifier number: 206290886, hereafter referred to as the Supplier provides goods to its clients, hereafter referred to as the Consumers through the e-shop PINJEWELRY.SHOP.

After clicking the button “PLACE ORDER” the Consumers agree to purchase the goods contained in the virtual shopping cart, after which they receive confirmation of the order and thus the contract is considered concluded.


The final order price is the sum of the prices of the ordered products and the price of the chosen type of delivery. In case the goods are sent outside the territory of the European Union, all customs and other taxes related to the export are at expense of the Consumer.


The Supplier must send each order within 7 work days from the date of the confirmation.

The Supplier is not responsible for any delay caused by the courier.

Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the Consumers or their authorized representative. Eventual damages during the transportation should be reported immediately to the Supplier.


The warranty period for all products of PINJEWELRY.SHOP  is 1 year starting from the day of the delivery. In case a repair is needed, the transport costs to the studio of the Supplier are at the expense of the Consumer.


Rights and obligations of the Consumers

The Consumers have the right to:

  • receive information about the status of their order;
  • inspect the order carefully upon receipt and in case of visible defects, have the right to return it to the Supplier and refund the price for it or to request the goods to be replaced with new ones within a new delivery period running from the date of emailing this claim to the Supplier;
  • withdraw from the contract and return the delivered goods within 5 days from the date of receipt of the goods, in this case, the price of delivery in both directions is at the expense of the Consumer.


The Consumers are obliged to:

  • pay the prices of their order, according to the chosen payment method;
  • take full responsibility for the protection of their username and password, as well as for all actions performed by them or by a third party using their username and password;
  • when using the services provided by the Supplier, not to infringe others’ property or non-property rights and interests, absolute or relative rights and interests including intellectual property right;
  • comply with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws and the netiquette when using the services provided by the Supplier;
  • not to commit malevolent activities.

Rights and obligations of the Supplier

The Supplier has the right to:

  • collect and use information related to its Consumers when they have places an order on the eshop, which may include name, address, telephone, email, sex, age, profession, and any other information given when participating in promotions and contests, filling questionnaires, etc., as the Supplier will use the same in compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection;
  • send the Consumers commercial messages related to its products, for which the Consumers give their prior consent upon acceptance of these General Terms and conditions.


The Supplier is obliged to:

  • deliver on time the ordered products after receiving the payment;
  • provide the Consumer with any requested information related to the purchase and delivery of the goods;
  • keep the information in the eshop always accurate and up to date.



The General Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time by the Supplier who is obliged to notify the Consumers about the changes by sending them an email and/or publishing an easily visible notice on the website. The changes in the General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relations between the Consumer and the Supplier, established by an order placed before the announcement.


The copyrights of all publications and all information on this website belong to POLINA SABEVA, LTD. The information on this website may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Users may not copy, publish, modify, transfer, create derivative materials or otherwise use all or part of the content of this website.