Jewelry Care


Try to store your jewels away from direct sunlight in a box or a zipped plastic bag. All pendants with chains must go separately as they may tangle. Avoid storing jewels in the bathroom – the humidity will speed up the tarnishing process.



Sterling silver forms tarnish as a natural reaction with the air. It can be speeded up by contacts with chemicals, perfumes and even skin pH. An easy way to clean your jewels is by using baking soda. Make a thick paste with a little bit of water and rub the silver surface with a cloth or use a toothbrush until the oxidation is completely gone.



Gold plating and patina are superficial layers that cover the sterling silver and it is not possible that they last forever. The speed at which they fade depends on the way you treat your jewels and the contact with cosmetics or chemical products. Salt water can also harm your gold plated jewelry. Rings normally lose their plating and patina faster as they suffer more friction.